Huzzah! Eureka!

What ho, everyone! This is the first official post on the first official day that the book, The Existence of Light, is available for purchase. If you have found yourself here unaware, that is what this site is about. If you have arrived here on purpose, a second “What Ho!” to you. This site will be used in two ways. I will post links, articles, names, and other assorted things that I referenced in my writing of this book, including a second round of links for many of the things that I linked footnotes to in the book. The other purpose for this site is to be a place where you can communicate with me about questions, concerns, and all of the other available points of conversation that I listed at the end of the book. The rules for your communication can be found here on the ABOUT page of this site. I will do my best to respond to those of you who would like response, those who I am capable of responding to, and, of course, only to those who post in the form of a question conforming to the standards found on the above ABOUT page. Until then, or in the case that there are no questions, I will continue to use this site for the first and above mentioned purpose: links. So, thank you again for those of you who bought this book. Thank you even more to those who read or tried to read this book. Thank you exceedingly and gushingly more so to those who read this book and still deign to associate with me.




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