Relativity and the Twin Paradox

Hi, again. It’s been about a year since I last posted anything here, but I decided to do a minor update because I recently saw that people have been visiting since that last post. So, this post is for you guys. I hope you will let me know through the comments or otherwise whether or not any of these links or the book was helpful to you.

This is a link to the Project Gutenberg page where you can read Einstein’s Special and


May not be an actual image of Einstein, but he was still pretty punk-rock regardless. (P.C.:

General Theories of Relativity. The Special theory is the one that I use in The Existence of Light, but the General theory is there for you as well if you feel the urge to try plowing your way through it. If you are unfamiliar with books that present a scientific theory, this book might surprise you. Einstein breaks the theory down into step-by-step chapters that build on each other, as you might expect. But, you might be surprised at the way in which Einstein’s language is fairly accessible. He talks about difficult things, true. But he writes well and clearly (or, at least, the translation I read does).

This is a link to a Youtube video in which Neil Degrasse Tyson explains one of Einstein’s own examples of how Relativity works. The example uses two twins: one that travels in a space ship to a distant star and the other which stays on earth. Tyson explains, similarly to how I do in my book, how the two twins can have such different experiences depending on their speed relative to one another. Here are some extra and additional links for explanations to the Twin Paradox and time dilation: link and another link.

Please let me know if this helps and, if not, whether there are other ways I can help.

Peace, ya’ll.


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